03 April 2013


I finaly write this Blog in English - dedicated to my friends in La-Londe and Hyères - so they will be able to read also.

We drove about 1.000 KM's into the promissed land with Sun, dry and Hills and we found: cold (12-15 °C) some days of light rain and Mountains! Well, in could trained a little bit more than planned and i worked more on my weakness (the run) than expected:

  • 4 x Swim in a nice and warm (Aka HOT) 50 m Olympic pool means minimum 4 KM's per Set coached by a mitlitary officer.
    Special: "Hi Guys, warm up...bla bla bla.....10 x 300.....finished
    Very Special: Girls Topless (sorry but this is true)
  • Uncounted KM's running during sand, clifs, water, deep forrest etc. etc.....nice and scenic but tough and slow.
    Special: Take a Speed Boat - sail to Porqurolles - run almost one hr with 7 KM's :-) - looks like a hard trail run - sail home....nice day!

  • Hard KM's on the bike (it has been only easy when i drove on my own) with the new carver wheels (extra report will follow up).
    Special: Saturday Bike Race, 80 KM's with 900 M of climbing, Speedy thing - in the afternoon easy, rest and café....
Finaly: Homestay is always very nice, local Guides Know every little single ways and the kitchen provenciale is very fine: thanks Jérome and Dorothé......
Which Wheel today?

Next Time in warm and sunny Germany!!!!